Our Team


Owner / President

Jacqueline P. Gorman

Ms. Gorman was introduced into the electrical industry at the young age of seven. At the age of 15, she was working in the field for Consolidated Electrical Services. After transferring from the Electrical Engineering program at Wentworth Technology to Northeastern University’s night school, Ms. Gorman joined Consolidated as a full-time employee in 1986.In 1988, Ms Gorman was promoted from the field into the position of Assistant Project Manager/Designer. After four years, Ms. Gorman was an Executive Vice President formally of a Major Successful Electric Company and 50% shareholder through April 2010.Email: jgorman@teamjec.com

Since 1986, Ms. Gorman has not only continually improved upon her knowledge of the industry, but she has also become a Master Electrician in five states: New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. A member of the International Association of Electrical Inspectors, the Massachusetts Electrical Contractors Association and the National Fire Protection Association, Ms. Gorman maintains affiliations with many national organizations in order to be kept abreast of all local and national codes.

Ms. Gorman is continuously involved in programs and seminars through which to benefit both herself and the Jacqueline Electric and Contracting Inc. (JEC) Team as a whole. Always willing to spend extra effort and time preparing a job to be both cost effective and efficient, Ms. Gorman is dedicated to the electrical industry and to her Team Players.

She will always put in the extra effort to ensure the successful outcome of a project and the successful relationship between JEC and both its clients and vendors. This practice, and the enthusiasm that supports it, creates in Ms. Gorman a dedicated, responsible and loyal employer who has the skill not only to complete a job, but to also create a learning atmosphere from which each person benefits.

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